Hybrid service...no expensive nightmares here!

Case Study

This is a synopsis of the work carried out in our technicians own words

As the Hybrid Drive system operates at over 200 Volts correct safety procedures are vital.

The vehicle came to us for a full service. The first thing to do was to carry out all the service procedures as for any other vehicle.

In addition to these operations we carried out some Hybrid-Specific service requirments.

We first checked the  invertor coolant level, due to the high voltages required it is essential that the high voltage components are operating at the correct temperature. We then plugged in our diagnostic equipment and checked that the high voltage batteries were charging evenly, we also checked the system for safety and optimum efficiency. The underbonnet invertor assembly was visually inspected for housing damage or corrosion to the connecting terminals.

During the service the brake fluid is tested for moisture content, the fluid in this case proved to be within spec. The Hybrid Synergy Drive braking system used on this vehicle is different to conventional systems and requires specialist equipment and techniques to change the fluid. We can carry out these procedures when necessary